In Florida, we are already feeling the smoldering heat and that makes it challenging and even unsafe to train our dogs outdoors. There are the exception times like early morning or late evenings but let’s be real, sometimes those times aren’t fitting for our agenda. Maybe you are also hiding from the heat or perhaps you have a new puppy and want to get started on the right path with frequent trainings. What better way to ignite that new relationship or keep the firing burning in one you’ve already built than to have a space you can easily access and train.

I know what you’re thinking, Impossible. I have no room. With that said, don’t lose your training momentum just yet! There is a lot that can be done in a small training space. Right inside your home. Firstly, it is important to note that enthusiasm will give you a head start but good daily habits are going to be your path to success.

Write down your training goals, need some inspiration on getting started with goals check out my blog on goal setting.

Since all basic training starts at home, create a special space for you and your dog’s foundation training. What does your training space look like? It can be as simple as that corner in your den that is currently unused, maybe that chair no one sits in can be moved out or maybe you’re like me and the garage has some space to spare.

Plan your training space

  1. Decide where it will be.
  2. What will it look like?
  3. What lesson planning and record keeping techniques will you use? You might guess that I shine in this area. After all, I am a former college professor. Need record keeping ideas, download my form and try it out. Training Record Keeping
  4. Will you have enough lighting to video your training sessions?

Training space supply ideas, obviously you will adjust according to your custom space and needs.

  1. Treats (a variety of type and value)
  2. Toys
  3. Training journal
  4. Fitness discs
  5. Paw pods / Fit bone
  6. Traffic cone
  7. Cavaletti poles
  8. Crate or a mat/bed
  9. Tripod or GoPro (I encourage you to video your sessions if you don’t currently)

Now it’s time to get planning. Don’t go into a session without a clear plan of action. What skills are you wanting to introduce? Which behaviors will you be splitting? What tools will you need? How long will your session be? Remember take notes after your session so you can easily track progress and get better. A very wise man told me, “you can’t manage what you cannot measure” ~ JLTipping
I would love to see your creativity when it comes your to indoor training spaces. Tag me in your pics you can find me on instagram @ashleysdogsports or facebook

Happy Training!

Senior dog fitness (my training space indoors)
Foot Targeting Session

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