Meet Ashley’s Dogs

Hooked On P!NK, NJ, CGC

P!nk is a sheepdog border collie added to the pack with a bright agility future ahead of her. She has started her trialing season off with bang, debuting at DACOF where she finished 3rd in her class for JWW. She is extremely sweet & smart and loves to do all the things. You can find her in most of Ashley’s conditioning workshop videos as she loves being a demo dog 🙂

Sealah, ATCH, RN, PD, NJP

Sealah the spotty merle Australian Shepherd. She is multi-pointed in AKC & ASCA. Her favorite activities are nose work, agility games and conditioning workouts. Sealah is loaded with drive and the innate desire to work. Therefore, she is a perfect match for Ashley and never hesitates to learn a new skill or demonstrate an exercise at a workshop.


Starr, RS-N, JS-N

Starr is an AKC & ASCA record of Champion. She belongs to Ashley’s children Mason and Scarlett and doesn’t disappoint when she enters the show ring. Starr lives to please and has started her career in agility. Masonon and Starr finished 1st in juniors for the winter Agility League.

Māui — RA, PD, AX, AXJ, NF, TKP

Māui lives life in the fast lane. He is loaded with personality & drive to match it. He lives to train and learn new skills. When Māui is not playing agility, you can find him assisting Ashley with her conditioning workshops.


Oakley is now retired and enjoys senior life. She does look forward to her daily workouts but other than that her faviorte activities include eating snacks and chasing squirrels, in that order.