“Everything I know I learned from dogs.”

~ Nora Roberts


August classes

Puppy Foundations Are you wanting to unlock your puppy’s full potential? Develop a strong bond and relationship while teaching your puppy some life skills to make them an amazing pet to live with? Join us for our upcoming puppy class. You and your puppy will learn and have fun. Classes will be 6 weeks meeting …


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About Ashley

Ashley is the mother of two amazingly fierce children, Mason and Scarlett and wife to an equally fierce and supportive husband, Drew.

It all started with a woman that traded in the reins of her horse for the leash of her dogs.

Ashley’s love for working with animals was developed in her youth which was spent training and competing with horses. It was a little later in life, during the completion of her second masters degrees that a passion for teaching and educating others was established. Ashley was a college professor of mathematics prior to starting a family.

Although the animals of choice have gotten smaller, the love of working with animals remains strong. Ashley is an advocate for continued education whether it be for humans or animals. The desire to train dogs and educate handlers is something that she believes in. Developing drive, motivation and fine tuning the focus of a competition dog while having mutual fun is what it’s all about. Regardless if your end goal is competition or just to build a stronger bond with your dog, training is the key to success.

In 2016 her son, Mason was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and her life has been forever changed. While Mason has successfully completed his treatment therapy, some scars never heal. For Ashley it’s the worry of the unknown. With tragic life events comes perspective shifts, for her it was a wake up call.

Experiencing how precious life truly is and how quickly things can change have led Ashley to where she is today, pursuing a dream career of working with dogs and educating handlers. An advocate of mutual fun when it comes to working with your dog. Ashley firmly believes that each dog is capable of excellence and no one set of training tools fits every dog and handler combination. Regardless if it is just teaching your dog tricks or preparing for a competition, do more with your dog!  


Trick Training

I am a certified trick dog instructor. Clearly, I have a lot of tricks in my treat bag 😉 Tricks are a valuable part of dog training, especially if you’re wanting to train for competition. Check out my blog HERE where I explain the importance of tricks in your layers of training. These tricks are also recognized by AKC and CKC, so that means you can get titles on your dog in these areas. Being a certified instructor I am eligible to evaluate you and your dog for these titles. This can be done virtually or in person. I also host a facebook trick training group which offers free trick training! Join my group here, and happy training! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ADSSparkTeam/

AKC Trick Dog Performer title
Trick Dog Performer ~ Latest title earned.