Helping You Grow Your Dog Training Skills






From foundations and beyond we meet you and your dog where they are. Because the goal is to build a strong relationship, we focus on fun games to develop you and your dog into a team.

Conditioning & Fitness

Whether you are conditioning your sport athlete or keeping your companion fit, we can help. Because every dog has specific conditioning needs, we provide customized plans just for your dog. 

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock You & Your Dog’s Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW TEAM You’ll Become!

Regardless if you want to compete or just  learn agility for fun, I have a program that meets the dog and handlers where they are.

Every dog needs conditioning & fitness regrdless if you’re dog is a progressional athlete or a family pet. There is a conditioning & fitness program just for you.

“My daughter, wife and I started semi private sessions with Ashley when we first realized purchasing litter mates was more than we bargined for. Ashley has been able to help us regain control of our home and as a family we enjoy learning with our dogs. Each dog is so different and we all have different goals which Ashley is wonderful with keeping us all on track and focused. Not only do we look forward to our sessions with Ashley but our dogs also love training night!”

Sandy, Mel, Bill & The Border Collies

 After my agility teammate Piper had sustained an injury, I was referred to Ashley by my vet for conditioning and fitness.  I was totally onboard with her program as I was on a path of preventing any future injuries. Ashley’s ability to explain conditioning exercises and how they benefit Piper’s athletic ability on the agility course have been eye opening. I have learned so much about canine muscular structure and how conditioning exercises help Piper on the agility course. We will always maintain a conditioning & fitness program in our training routine. Thank you Ashley for giving me more runs with my girl Piper! 

Katie & Piper