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Want to train with Ashley? Bring her to a facility near you and Let’s bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be! 

Not local to Northeast Florida but want to train with Ashley? Bring her to your facility. Below are some examples of seminar & workshop topics for 2022 – 2023. Ashley is currently booking for 2024.


  1. Timing Is Everything! – Handler mechanics with 3 levels (novice, advanced, masters)
  2. Criss Cross Apple Sauce – Which cross when and where?
  3. Weave It – Collection, entries, threadles and more this workshop focuses on challenges associated with weave poles in sequences.
  4. Collection, Extension & Lead Changes

    Conditioning & Fitness

    1. Shape Up or Ship Out – Strengthening the core, front & rear.
    2. Fun Fitness Foundations – Learn the foundation skills needed to be successful in fitness.
    3. Put Your Platforms to Use – Learn how to use your platform for conditioning & fitness.
    4. The Power of Paw Pods – Foot targeting seminar.
    5. Level Up Your Injury Prevention Protocol – Learn exercises specifcally related to the psoas & shoulder with injury prevention focus.
    6. Conditioning with Cavaletti Poles – This workshop has options of level 1 – level 3.