Do you want to share a bond with your best friend that is enriching for you both? Then you’re in the right place.

Founder of Ashley’s Dog Sports, Ashley is an advocate of mutual fun when it comes to working with your dog, and firmly believes that each dog is capable of excellence — no one set of training techniques fit every dog and handler combination. In the end, she wants to support and encourage you doing more with your dogs!

Ashley’s love for working with animals began young; she spent her youth training and competing with horses and dogs, and coaching her youth teams. That love of learning sparked a passion for teaching, that led her to become a college professor. Ashley has since retired from teaching mathematics, but retains her experience splitting complex skills into small digestible pieces for her learner. Today, Ashley coaches both adults and junior handlers.

She is passionate about training dogs and educating handlers simultaneously. That’s because developing drive, motivation and fine-tuning the focus of a competition dog — all while having fun — is what it’s all about. Regardless of whether your end goal is competition or just to build a stronger bond with your dog, making fun the center of training is the key to success.

Ashley is the mother of two children, Mason and Scarlett, and wife to Andrew. Her home is shared with 4 dogs: Oakley, her retired doberman, & three Australian shepherds — Maui, Andrew’s competition dog; Starr, the kids competition dog; and Sealah, Ashley’s competition dog. The whole Escobar family participates in dog sports.

Ready to let Ashley level up you and your dog's teamwork?