Summer Heat

It’s brutally hot already this summer. As Mason says, “it’s wet hot outside”…no fun for anyone. But we make the best of it. Early morning and late evenings mixed in with mid day water play. Freya is the only k9 who appreciates the water play 😉 and that’s okay, she’s great at it. One of Mason’s things he wants to do with Frey is lure coursing. So Mason and his dad built the start of a lure course so we could try her out. As you can see in the video she’s one step ahead, literally 😂

[wpvideo eHTqkQfM]

Mason’s Perspective

This is a robot we built. It’s for training Freya on how to be very fast so she can catch the bad guys. You see she’s already so fast she catches it. That’s because she’s amazing and she’s my girl. Right now we are training so we can be the best and fastest ever. It’s just what we do. Freya also is practicing for attacking a space ship. Watch how she slings it side to side. She just knows how to do that. I don’t think we will win any trophies for killing monsters, but we will win trophies when we go to trials.


Freya’s Perspective

Freya is a walking party! She is the first one to investigate anything new and lets you know her stance on it very quickly. She has a couple different barks already, and Mason can tell you what they mean. She loves “cuddle time” with the kids, on her large comfy bed. She loves playing find it games, and she is really good at it. Mason beams with pride when she finds the item under the box, cone or cup.

“See I am smiling because she just makes me so happy”~ Mason

My Perspective

Mason has clinic and a spinal procedure this coming week. Part of his Leukemia treatment calls for quarterly spinal taps with chemo. Usually Mason is crippled with anxiety leading up to the spinal procedure, but not this time. He knows it’s this week and he hasn’t mentioned it one time other than confirming it. He spent the weekend playing and laughing and battling monsters in the yard with his Bear Wolf. When I fall asleep at night, I now hear the laughter of my kids playing in my mind versus the cries and darkness that crippled us all before. The Bear Wolf isn’t just saving Mason, but indirectly she’s saving us all.

“Cannon Ball” ~ Freya 

“If you look at her close, it looks like she has been brushed with black paint. It is my one of my favorites about her” ~ Mason

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