Wading Through it

We’ve had a rough week, but childhood cancer has gifted me with a new perspective so with that I know it could be worse. Mason had his usual standing monthly appointment at clinic last week and a spinal (which always makes recovery worse). He did great, the strength and courage he has blows my mind regularly but the aftermath is rough. We finish our last dose of steroids tonight which as I’ve said before they’re the devil. We’ve spent the last several days inside just trying to make Mason feel better. The steroids are really hard on his body and mind. We’ve been at this new normal for a while now and it just never gets any easier seeing your child suffer and not feel well. His emotional ups and downs are especially tough to witness knowing I can’t fix them. Life of a childhood cancer mom.

Mason’s Perspective

I have not been feeling good because I do not like the way steroids make me feel. They make my body and mind angry. Our city has been taken over by zombie pirates and we are trying to figure out a plan to take them down. We have this one island that we’re safe on but the rest of the yard is a battlefield. I’m actually hoping aliens show up to help me in this battle because I’m just not feeling well and Scarlett and Freya can’t fight without me. Until next time…

“Safely on our island with Freya guarding” ~ Mason

You’re a daisy if you do…..

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is nailing our more advanced obedience. She is a master squirrel hunter and the way she stares at the trees I’m certain she’s contemplating just how she can climb them. She’s a speed machine and her stalking mechanics are becoming less clumsy and more grateful each day. She loves playing hide and find (toys or kids) and in general she loves working. She’ll soon start visiting clinic with us and I know Mason is very excited about this.

My Perspective

Childhood cancer is brutal but sometimes in the midst of something so ugly it forces you to see the raw beauty in things. Freya is just that, she’s pure raw beauty and brings joy to our whole family. She’s guaranteed to make Mason smile, even it’s from her tail hitting him in the face, or her nose gently tickling him while he’s trying to nap on the couch and she’s always up for playing what ever games the kids want her to play. She’s hard wired with the most appropriate off switch, which makes her beyond incredible. With her disposition I know whatever we end up doing with her she’ll “nail it” with grace, as Scarlett says.

Beautiful moment…in the middle of feeling bad she’s sure to make him smile and giggle….