AKC has extended an opportunity for evaluators to remotely review trick submissions via email. If you need some assistance in having your trick dog titles evaluated I would love to help you with that, just email me. Not sure exactly how “tricks” can be useful, check out a previous blog I wrote on tricks. If AKC is not the venue for you, I encourage you to look into Do More With Your Dog! I am a certified trick dog instructor with this fabulous organization and the tricks and titles are only for those wanting to up the level of fun! Join my free facebook trick group. For those training in Rally, take a look at the AKC Virtual Rally pilot program.

Are you having dog show withdraws? Have you ever wanted to learn more about how conformation shows work? AKC continues to provide additional virtual resources for us during this trying time of social distancing. Take a look at The AKC Virtual Top Dog Challenge . If you’re new to conformation handling and want to see what it is all about, AKC is even offering a free conformation for beginners online class, check it out here.

Using paw pods to help teach “stacking”. 🤪

Last but certainly not least, AKC has opened a virtual ACT Agility test. They have four courses designed and directions for filming your run. You can find all the details here.

Māui’s Toy Review

Like any hard working, picky eating performance dog the rewards must appear in the form of fun toys. I have been through a lot of tug toys in search of “the” magical one. One that is easy to throw, easy to carry in a pocket, easy to clean (dog slobber plus dirt) and most importantly one that Māui goes crazy for. It appears we have found it. This tug is versatile, it can be tossed far distances, bounces nicely, its mostly rubber so it rinses clean and it has a ball attached to it for those ball crazed canines. With multiple places for Māui to grip this quickly became his choice toy as tugging is high on his list. The handle allows for even the worst of “throwers” to toss in a straight line. If you’re in the market for a new toy be sure to check out this gem here!

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