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Māui bowing into Halloween night.

Trick titles! Oh yes, you HERD 😉 me correctly, it’s a thing and I’m excited it is. Let me explain why, teaching your dog tricks comes with many benefits, besides just the act of a cool trick.

Working with your dog should result in mutual fun, and who doesn’t like to have fun. I know I do and so does my dog! Tricks give us this mutually enjoyable working relationship. The stronger the bond you have with your dog, the more willing he will be to work passionately for you in other areas. Tricks build confidence, which carries over into the competition ring or in everyday life. Who doesn’t deserve to walk with confidence?

Have you ever been ringside or find yourself in a situation where you need to grab your dog’s attention and fast? A few fun tricks are a great way to regain focus and not promote stress or shutting down behavior. Dogs just like us love to play games, that’s because games result in fun! Tricks my friends, are games!

Tricks can be useful when stretching your dog before an agility trial, a long hike or maybe your dog is recovering from an injury and needs some strengthening stretches. Building core muscles and stamina is healthy for your dog.

Teaching tricks sharpens your handler skills too by allowing you to practice a variety of techniques. You get the opportunity to build a training plan for the behavior you’re wanting from start to finish and put it into to action. The most important reason I love trick training, it’s just FUN!

If you’re interested in learning some fun tricks to train, and I already know your dog is, then join my Facebook group and trick train with me.

I am a certified trick dog instructor, with Do more with your dog, it’s free, fun and a positive place to drop in and get training tips and inspiration. Have a dog that’s stressed by group classes? Want to do more with your dog but don’t have the time to make it to classes? You can participate in my online group and even submit your evaluations virtually earning trick titles right in your home! 

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