If you are local and looking for something to do with your dog during the heat waves…Check this out!

We all know that dogs love to sniff, but have you ever thought about a way to channel their sniffing skills into an energy burning game? Scent work is a fun way to get your dog using their nose and brain to find odor. It is a game for any dog – young, old, excited, shy – and any owner! And it can be played indoors on those stormy summer afternoons or outdoors in the cool morning and evenings. As your dog learns this game, you can build in challenges to help your dog to gain confidence and show off just how smart they really are.

Once you and your dog learn the basics, the possibilities are endless and you’ll only grow your love of the game! Classes start in July and are limited. You can register for the Saturday Intro, indoor, class here: https://pocketsuite.io/book/mangosdogboarding/items/group-class If you are looking for a weekday evening class, or have any questions, please send an email to whoanellietraining@gmail.com Can’t wait to see you and your dog in class so we can get them sniffing!

Sam, Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed Whoa Nellie! Positive Canine Training Mango’s Dog Boarding

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