Our dogs are athletes, let’s condition them to perform their best! Regardless of their sport, let’s get them FIT!

Shoulder and iliopsoas injuries are not that uncommon & can be difficult to rehab. With our sport dogs, one of the best approaches is to focus on injury prevention exercises that strengthen the “stabilizer” muscles. Strong muscles naturally support the surrounding tissues and other structures in the body, causing less strain and less chance of injury.

In this workshop, you will learn exercises to strengthen the shoulders, core & iliopsoas (specifically) with injury prevention in mind.

This workshop is designed for intermediate fitness / conditioning levels and beyond. Options of progression will be provided and “how to teach” from the start will be covered in general terms. Therefore, some prior fitness exposure will be helpful. I will provide demonstration videos of each exercise with a dog who is novice / intermediate level so that it should be easy to follow along with your dogs at home.
Your dog should have front and rear foot targeting skills. It doesn’t have to be polished and perfect, but a general understanding will be helpful to complete a lot of the exercises.

Equipment required:

  • a stable platform (homemade platform that is low profile, klimb, cato)
  • unstable items (2 is handy but we can work with only 1) (ex: fit bone, foam pad, sofa cushion, yoga mat folded into thirds),
  • a couple cavaletti poles, barstool or a jump and a couple foot targets which can be cut up yoga mats or floor dots.
    As always, options on equipment will be provided as most of us probably have household items that will work.

Watch Conditioning progress here!

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