Now that the summer heat is here, we have to be mindful about outdoor activities. Don’t let the heat cause your dog’s conditioning plans to fall to the wayside. In fact, this is a great time to learn all about canine conditioning. Canine conditioning is an excellent way to increase your dog’s confidence, build muscles that will functionally support your dogs career (injury prevention) and strengthen your dog handler bond.

If you are brand new to canine conditioning or experienced you can join me Thursday evenings for an exciting class. For those not local to me, an online version of this class will be taught through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  This will be a 4 week class focusing on the shoulders, core and psoas muscle groups. You will learn a fitness routine and how to safely complete each exercise within the routine. The routine will be customized to your dog’s needs.

There is limited space in this class, it will start July 20th. Any questions as always just email me.

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Stay tuned for other upcoming classes! If you find this content useful please share my blog. Have a specific class you want to see on the roster, email me! We always love to hear from our friends!

Happy Training!

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