Laica joined our family in 2014 and even her entrance was dramatic and chaotic, just like her. She was extremely biddable from day one, and always ready to work. I most loved Laica because she loved my children as if they were me. Mason couldn’t say her name at first, he called her LaLa, which she instantly responded to. She was patient and tolerant never wanting to leave wild little feral Mason’s side. She was always up for a walk, training session, bubble catching, fetch or cleaning the floor after Mason would drop food.

Mason Laica Puppy

She was a fierce puppy, but always a gentle giant with my toddler….Laica & Mason

Laica and Gecko

This was taken after a chemo treatment. Laica was recovering from her 2nd cruciate tear surgery. He was cheering her up because she wasn’t allowed off leash.

Puppy cross training

Puppy days.

Dr Mason and Laica

Mason not feeling great after his treatment, and his buddy allowing him to Doctor her <3

Laica Coke

She was so photogenic, she loved eating ice, she loved posing for the camera.

There is one thing all dog owners can agree on and that is saying goodbye is the worst part. Saying goodbye to our faithful, loyal and loving family member is painfully difficult. It is even more so when your small children are grieving next to you.

On December 21, 2019 our youngest beautiful, strong Doberman Laica passed away peacefully in her sleep. She had been diagnosed with nutritionally deficient advanced stage dilated cardiomyopathy in April of 2019. At that time, she was given a prognosis of 3 months life expectancy. With extreme dietary changes and a strict medication schedule she was happy and maintained a quality of life worth living. She surpassed her expectancy, which is no shock because my girl was tough! She happily adapted to her lower level activity lifestyle nicely and thoroughly enjoyed our midnight property talks and walks.

Our children don’t remember their life without Laica being present. There is a sense of comfort knowing that when you enter your home you will be greeted by a loving friend. Mason always had a special connection with Laica because when he was diagnosed, she tore her ACL and bared a scar on her leg matching his port scar. She was always willing to play with him, go outside with him, walk through the dark hallway with him when was scared and just sit and listen to him.

Her final days were spent getting lots of treats, playing UNO with Mason (she would always win) and keeping her standing nail polish appointment with Scarlett. She was very loved and treasured. She will be deeply missed. Although my children truly don’t understand any of this, we will hold tight all of the wonderful memories we had with Laica and find comfort knowing she is now at peace.

A note from her daddy Drew

“Every dog is perfect. Every dog is annoying. I knew there’d be a love/annoyance relationship the very first time I heard your American mother say, “I want to import a Euro.” You were late, at the wrong airport (Miami not Jacksonville), and took 6 hours to clear customs. This is my first memory of you. I fell in love with you at a rest stop halfway home from the airport when you turned a bathroom break into a play date. The St. Augustine grass was so long that you could lie down and almost hide in it (if it weren’t for those huge posted ears with white tape). Your pounce was off, never truly graceful, always brute strength.                                                                                                                                                                                          As the sun rose that morning, I handed you off to Mommy at a gas station 2hrs from our house. I headed to work on zero sleep as you two finished your journey home. I couldn’t wait to get there later and see you again. You quickly grew into a tall, long, powerful bitch that had no time for squirrels in your backyard, delivery drivers on your doorstep, or general passersby. Our front door was your front door and everyone knew it. You died where you lived. Laica’s never ending drive, eagerness to protect, and constant alerting of nearby strangers always seemed annoying and excessive to me. Now in silence, I beg for one more bark.                                                                                                                                                                 You kept our family in a state of constant protective relief as I traveled for work. You kept Mason occupied during all those long hours of medicated and anxious insomnia. You were a sturdy piece of furniture and confidant for baby Scarlett. You are a beloved child of Ashley. There are so many memories in passing. Some good, some bad. Everyone of them I wish I could live again with you. Every child is perfect. Every child is annoying. We love both because they share the same body.  Safe travels to the after life,
Your watch is over, Forever love, Andrew Escobar