Weekend Ready

This week has just gone by so fast. We’ve been preparing for the big K, (kindergarten) and selecting Freya’s next official training class.  It’s really amazing that I have 2 extra sets of little hands helping me do everything yet I don’t accomplish anything faster. Mason has been feeling really good and full of zombie fighting energy.  We have a fun weekend planned with two field trips for Freya and he’s so excited.

Mason’s Perspective

Finally, one of those zombies we hid in the ground (49 years ago) has dug their way out. This is one of the most dangerous zombies we ever captured. It actually dug a tunnel underground and came out where a tree used to be. I think it used the tree roots underground to make a tunnel. When it came out, it was yelling so loud it sounded like thunder. Freya dug great hole, so we had a place to put the zombie once we caught it. Then we used the pool to put over the hole and keep the zombie in the ground forever and ever. When the zombie went underground it turned to dirt, because a magical Bear Wolf dug the hole.

“Can you even believe the zombie just turned into dirt like this!” ~ Mason

“Scarlett is really doing well on her get away driving skills. As long as she drives straight” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is opinionated and as picky as they come when food is involved. She’s even mastered getting exactly which food item she wants and communicates with a little raspy bark for a yes. She’s learning how to open the freezer door and the pull out cabinet for trash. She is a total spotlight dog, and brings the party scene with her in all that we do. She went on her first field trip to the farm this week. She was most intrigued with the chickens, prey drive it’s just a natural thing for a Bear Wolf.

Bear Wolf Picking Dinner

“Okay Freya you don’t eat these they just lay eggs” ~ Mason

My Perspective

The more our Bear Wolf matures the more amazing she gets. She is so intuitive with the kids and has special things she does with both Mason and Scarlett. Mason can be walking the line of grumpy and Freya will bring a toy to him making him play. Instantly he’s laughing and carrying on fully engaged in active fun. Scarlett sneaks Freya onto the couch with her every morning while I’m making coffee. They just snuggle together and when I come around the corner they BOTH hide their faces! If one of the kids lays down in the yard, Freya immediately runs to them and lays next to them. She did great seeing the chickens for the first time. Her off switch is impeccable and more importantly she genuinely makes Mason happy. Mason is still sleeping at night, and tells Freya each night before bed how much he loves her and how happy she makes his heart. Soul Therapy!


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