A New Week

Life after a childhood cancer diagnosis is all about cycles. Cycles of treatment, cycles of side effects all with the same goal of completing treatment and never seeing cancer again. It’s always a relief to finish the first week of a new cycle because that means steroids are over. It will take us some time to recover but he took his last dose on Sunday.

I mean……

Mason’s Perspective

My body was taken over by monsters. They were angry, mean and very scary. I was trying to fight them, but they were already inside my tummy. It is very hard work to win a battle against them. I just don’t even feel like myself. When it started to rain today, I yelled the monsters out of my body. Kind of what a lion does when he stands on a rock and roars, that’s how I felt. Freya by my side and barking and Scarlett ran because I scared her. I am feeling a little better now and tomorrow I will fight the bad guys again.

Yelling out monsters with his steadfast Bear Wolf by his side. 

“You see this faec right here, this is my face I make for monsters in my tummy” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Life is grand. Her tooth abscess is all healed up and her pearly whites are looking sharp. Her recalls are lengthening and it’s her favorite game. She discovered the fun of chasing fireflies in the dark. If it moves, it’s hers! She really loves searching and finding games. She will search high and low 😉 until she finds the item. Her favorite items to find are, elf on the shelf, a Spiderman toy, and of course Mason.

Hey Freya where is Mason? 

“Hey Freya find Spiderman, where is Spiderman” ~ Mason 

“She was a little frustrated about where the elf hid, that’s why she is carrying him by his head” ~ Mason

My Perspective

We collectively survived another week of steroids!! Of all the drugs poor Mason has had, steroids are the hardest. They are hard physically and emotionally. Watching your baby continue to struggle with things you can’t even understand, it’s HARD! Freya doesn’t tolerate to much moping around, she somehow engages Mason and has him laughing and wildly playing. Even if it’s only for a brief moment it is comforting to know she is able to draw him into her. She will steal a lego, or a transformer from him and force him to play. Did I mention she’s wicked smart? Sleeping is still a thing in our house and that’s amazing! Today was a new day and although it felt like a recovery day, it was still a good day. We have lots of activities planned for this week including puppy college make up class. Lots to look forward to and lots of fun things planned.

“She likes for me to love on her after we do training. She is my love” ~ Mason 

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