Snuggles and love


“I have to snuggle her before I go to bed because I miss her pillow fur when she’s in her crate” ~ Mason

Day 8 Rain

Rain, more rain and a thunderstorm. Spent the majority of the day indoors. Working on standing still while getting her harness on and waiting to let us go through the door first. Playing toss the fleece tug, name games and Mason even groomed Freya. To say this pup gets a lot of attention is an understatement. She absolutely loves belly rubs and long talks with Mason. They’ve already made a best friend pact! We learned that Freya loves water and muddy puddles just as much as Mason and Scarlett do. 😬 We had a lovely loud thunderstorm this afternoon and right in line with the rest of her behavior, she could have cared less.We played Freya some Blackfoot, per Masons request and she enjoyed her bully stick while the kids danced 😉

Belly rubs and rock music

Thunderstorm relaxing

Day 9 Clinic Day

Today was clinic day for labs. This usually means the night before is an up all nighter. Not last night, Mason slept almost 10 hours peacefully!!! He woke up ready to face clinic!

We did some training with Freya before our trip. She’s now waiting very calmly at the door for her harness to be put on. This pup is seriously smart! Mason walks her out to our designated area and she does her business just like a pro!

Clinic went great! We were greeted by our lovely friend Ashley with Dreams Come True. She had a huge basket full of goodies for Freya. Mason told me, “oh she brought those for Freya, because Freya is kind of a big deal everywhere”….😂 Mason was in an unusual chatty mood and very comfortable being there (which is new for him, usually he’s very reserved and quiet). He told everyone about Freya the “Bear wolf” and showed them her pictures. When someone asked him, what exactly a bear wolf was he replied in a very, very serious voice, “umm well you know she is a German Shepherd but it’s in her blood to be a bear wolf, it’s called genetics”. ~ Mason

“Oh ya Freya is going to love everything in this basket”~Mason


Resting like a Queen

The Bear Wolf….glowing eyes and all 😂😆

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