War Zone

Some days it just feels like all we do is step off one battlefield onto another. Mason had clinic and treatment this week. Due to all his frequent visits lately, he was less than pleased. Accessing his port is sore and uncomfortable at this point, and emotionally he’s spent. Some weeks are harder than others and this is one of those weeks.  Treatment time means we get to also add steroids to Mason’s schedule for 5 days. My poor Mason is having a hard time with the effects of steroids. We had to cancel puppy college because Freya woke up this morning with a suspected tooth abscess. To the vet’s office we went. Mason was extremely concerned about Freya and of course he is trigged with “Doctors” and therefore our morning was spent reassuring him that Freya was going to be just fine.

Sobbing tears of concern and fear. Y’all it’s hard AF to see your kid hurting because he’s afraid of losing something that is apart of him. 

Mason’s Perspective

There are escaped dinosaurs and they everywhere on our area now. They want to come into our yard because we have tall trees and they like to eat the treetops and some eat the animals that live in the trees. There are some that are very dangerous and will try to eat people. I think I would be so delicious to a dinosaur that it would eat me then eat Scarlett! They really can’t catch us in gator, it’s to fast and I drive it like a grown up. We had to show Freya the dinosaurs so I could tell her which ones to stay away from. She likes being in gator but she would rather chase the dragon flies all in the yard right now.

“we were cheering her on because she was such a good passenger on the tour” ~ Mason

“I had to climb this outlook tree and see if it was safe for us to return home” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Life is good. She loves her morning walks best because it’s before the smoldering heat rolls in. Freya has fun with everything training wise we do, and although she is NOT food driven, that gappay ball is her total reward. In true fierce Freya style, even her teething is eventful. She has small abscess, which needed some quick attention from our vet. She naturally was not concerned by visiting the vet. She had a great time goofing off in the waiting room with Mason and she outweighs him by 5 pounds. She’s currently 46lbs.

“I can use touch command and have her move this chair all over” ~ Mason 

My Perspective

This week has been hard. Treatment was HARD. Steroids are hard. Seeing Mason fall apart over Freya needing to get some medical attention this morning was painful. His mind immediately went to the worst case, and I hate that for him. I understand why doctors and medical attention are triggers for him, but it’s so hard to see and live it happening. On top of everything else, we were bummed to miss puppy college, but will schedule a make up class. In the meantime, everyone will be taking it easy this weekend preparing for a great next week.

Facing our fears head on so we can live our dreams! 

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