Wrapping up the Weekend

The past four days have overall been good. Mason was feeling under the weather but thankfully it seems to have left him as fast as it came over him. We’re continuing with recall games and practicing the basics with Freya. We introduced her to the agility tunnel and I’m not sure who loved it more, Mason or Freya. We’ve had storms everyday, and with the storm season really getting close I must say; I’m very excited that I have a dog who will brave the rain to potty outside vs. just refusing to go out. To be Bear Wolf is to be fierce.

“She’s a winner when she gets the ball” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

I haven’t been feeling well so we are just hunting this weekend. We are hunting for ghosts, zombie dogs, and vampire squirrels. I’m not scared to walk on these hunts because Freya will guide me. She knows where I can go and where I can’t. She tells me when to stop and if she lifts her tail and barks, I know it’s about to be a serious battle. We have just started to trail these monsters but as soon as we find them, the battle will be huge! They leave clues and damaged pine cones behind, so we can track them a couple of ways. We love to track because Freya will always find them.

“Tracking is slow, you have to feel your way through it” ~ Mason

“She loves waiting for me at the swings, mostly because I have good music there” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya loves all the storms, she gets to snuggle and show her lap dog skills and it’s much cooler outside. She is fiercely excited on our daily walks (Monster tracking) and getting to patrol the entire property. Training sessions are fun, and she’s the queen of puppy pushups. She also was introduced to the agility tunnel and LOVED it, there may have been a gappay ball involved which instantly makes her life complete. She has lost more than half of her puppy teeth (Mason keeps track) and although she hasn’t left any for Mason to find, he’s hopeful one will fall into his hands. After 76 days, she has finally won over Oakley, in short very well behaved sessions.

Photo documenting her snaggle days, per Mason’s request. She is a good sport!

No big deal when the kids leave a toy in the yard, Freya just gathers them on our walks and will carry them the whole time.

“I’m soooo close to Oakley” ~ Freya

Rough play = Fast friends…..these two!

My Perspective

Mason has had a fairly good weekend. He did get sick one night, and even though he was better the next morning it is still emotionally difficult for me. The trauma of your child being sick beyond your control is something you don’t ever recover from. Every time he is not feeling good, it’s a reminder of just how fast life can go south. We have clinic on Tuesday and Mason will receive Chemo through his port, and begin his five day steroid pulse. He is not concern about clinic, although he is strategizing his training plans to get Freya ready for attending clinic with him. I am grateful and amazed that he is still SLEEPING at night. He is not particularly a morning person, but when he wakes up and sees Freya, he just melts into a good mood and exchanges morning sweet talks and cuddles with her. Freya is simply spectacular. She is fierce and full throttle outside on walks, and recall games but come inside and she settles right down into a lap puppy. My heart is full to know I get to witness first hand Mason’s and Freya’s growth and friendship together.

My lap is under this Bear Wolf, somewhere.

Snoozing hard through this loud thunderstorm.

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