My Circus My Monkeys

It’s been a great few days. Mason has been feeling really good and we’ve had lots of outside activities and fun. Puppy college is tomorrow and he and his Bear Wolf are more than prepared and excited. Next week is clinic again 😩 but until then we’re going to have FUN!

Most enthusiastic passenger ever! 

Mason’s Perspective

When you live in a haunted house, you have to be ready for anything. Mostly our backyard is haunted and lately it has been flooded with pirate ghosts that will attack us. You can really only take a pirate ghost down with a sword or a magical Bear Wolf bite. The Bear Wolf bite won’t kill them fast either; it’s a slow painful take down. It’s really terrible. We actually saw three pirate ghosts, they were all trying to attack Scarlett but I was able to help her get away. I did get a small cut from their sword on my arm but it didn’t bleed! We celebrated our winning by playing in mud! It’s the best most fun thing to do ever. It’s our favorite!

“You have to show the ghosts that you have the magic to fight” ~ Mason

“Scarlett doesn’t give me a lot of room to fight” ~ Mason

“I’m pulling magic from the sun to this stick, then I will give it to Freya” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Mud is LIFE! She does her puppy homework, target sessions and then when it’s free time, straight to the mud. Fighting ghosts and tasting mud is what makes a good day great! She’s even graduated to hanging out in her place along with the Dobermans. Freya and Laica are fast friends, Oakley is a bit tougher to crack, but we’re all still alive.

Crazy eyes….Sh!t is about to get real! 

“Not just anyone can make a mud ball, this one is really beautiful” ~ Mason

“She just knows how to have fun with us and she loves the taste of mud” ~ Mason

My Perspective

My heart and soul are happy hearing the non stop laughing and giggles from my kids. I don’t even mind bathing the kids and Bear Wolf multiple times a day, because it signifies a good time. It’s been nothing but playing non-stop sometimes a little to much, but it’s really what we need. Mason continues to thrive emotionally with his Bear Wolf and each week they develop a deeper bond than before. He has long talks with her while he brushes her and she just sits still and soaks it all up. Really and truly there couldn’t have been a more perfect puppy for Mason. She’s fun, fierce, feral and yet settles nicely inside into this loving cuddly bear.

I mean look at that sweet face!! 

“Tell me she’s all grown up now and can place with the Dobermans!!” ~ Mason

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