The Weekend

Sometimes the weekends are just like I remember them, “before” our lives changed. They are filled with adventure, good food, long days, and restful sleep. This weekend did not disappoint. Mason had a great weekend therefore we all had a great weekend. He was feeling good, eating lots and of course fighting lots of crime in between.

Mason’s Perspective

A real bad guy has escaped and he is out there. Mostly out in the dark, but sometimes he comes with sun. He is called “The Headless Horseman”, and he doesn’t ask you questions he simply takes your head. It’s an emergency we keep him from coming here! The only way to take him down to chinatown, is with a mud ball. Scarlett and Freya helped me make all this really nice mud, now I just have to make the balls. When we saw the headless horseman, Scarlett yelled because she was scared. Then I threw the mud ball at his pumpkin head, it rolled off and bounced all over the yard! Freya finally grabbed it and ran it over to the kennel. Then we tossed the pumpkin to Laica and she ate it. It was really hard work taking him down. I wasn’t really scared though because I love pumpkins so much.

“This mud ball is magical and will take down the headless horseman” ~ Mason

“She is helping carry and stack my magic mud balls” ~ Mason


“Its such hard work when you’re fighting bad guys all the time” ~ Mason 

Freya’s Perspective

Freya had a full fun weekend. She went to the oldest city and had lots of stops along the way. She discovered she loves vegan blueberry muffin, and she only wants water packed from home. City tap water is for the birds! She loves going on boardwalks that are over Florida marsh land, so many smells and sights. She was very excited as we walked the docks, but she was equally disappointed she wasn’t allowed to jump in and swim around.

If only she could have jumped in and went for a swim..

Loving all the new sights and smells

My Perspective

Mason has had a great few days. He is still sleeping at night, and he’s still happy. If you have ever doubted the power a dog can have on someone, don’t! They’re incredible and life is better with them. Mason has been a non stop adventure seeking criminal fighter, and also been keeping up with his homework from puppy college. Freya and Mason are doing great and I’m so proud of him for keeping focused and working with Freya.


“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved,” ~ George Sand

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