Born Ready

65 days of SLEEP I can’t even begin to express what it feels like to no longer have a kid with insomnia. This week has been busy and filled with feral antics from all my kids and dogs. We’ve basically reached a miserable level of hot here in the sunshine state. Outdoor fun is early morning and late afternoon anything in between is the danger zone. 🤪

Mason’s Perspective

The zombies have become such a problem I’ve had to get Scarlett to help us battle. She goes by “Scorching Scarlett” and she’s very dangerous and strong. She can also drive the zombie Jeep (sometimes) so we can escape faster. Freya is so fast she can run the zombies down and then we load them in the Jeep and get rid of them. It’s very hard work and makes me tired but I just love slaying zombies with Freya.

“Freya just caught another Zombie, I’m hot and tired” ~ Mason

“Oakley is a little slow with hunting zombies” ~ Mason

Happy kids having fun….. makes my day complete!

“She is carrying zombie bait in this cup! I just love her!” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya was born to be Mason’s partner in crime! She’s a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine who rocks at zombie slaying, training sessions and just being his friend. She radiates energy when she’s playing and makes my kids laugh nonstop. She loves training sessions with Scarlett because Scarlett is heavy-handed with the treats. Freya loves her daily field trips and since it’s been so hot she absolutely loves field trips that include somewhere indoors. Freya is just living her best life.

Scarlett doing what she does best, all while wearing one winter boot!

My Perspective

This week started off a little rocky. Mason has had to visit clinic every two weeks for a while now and it’s beginning to wear on him (and me). He is in the maintenance phase of his treatment so he’s supposed to be visiting clinic only monthly and he knows the difference between monthly vs biweekly. So, emotionally he’s been having a rough week. Thankfully we have this Bear Wolf and in true Bear Wolf style she’s been the perfect distraction to snap him back into a good place. She keeps him busy and most importantly she keeps him focused on the future and all the activities they’ll be doing! Tomorrow is puppy college, Mason and Freya have completed all their homework and as usual they went to bed very early to get rested up.

“We are just very tired and hot after slaying zombies” ~ Mason