July Fun

This first week in July has ended nicely. Mason had a spectacular week. He was feeling good, started Puppy College with Freya and got to play with a National Champion Agility dog. His training list of for Freya grew and we got sent home with homework which thrilled him.

“I made her this sign because we are so excited” ~ Mason

Taking it all in.

Mason’s Perspective

Dog college was very exiting! Meeting coach Lynne and Mojo a very well trained agility dog was fabulous! Mason has added agility to Freya’s long list of future activities. We have a lot of homework to do but first let’s kill some zombies. Since we had a lot of rain we have been having zombies rise from the mud. The aliens dug the mud holes because sometimes they work with zombies. Freya and Scarlett got stuck in the mud hole and the zombies were trying to get them. I went to save them and I became stuck too. It was very scary fighting zombies while stuck. Finally we beat the zombies and were free from the mud. Tomorrow we will build a bridge to walk over the mud.

“See she was being careful not to get stuck again” ~ Mason

“Marking our victory with bricks and a cone” ~ Mason

Freya living her best life!

“We are working on homework and she’s doing perfect” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Puppy college was a blast. There were lots of fun puppies running about and familiar work which ended in balls being thrown. Homework included field trips for environmental work, and field trips are the best! Zombie fighting continues to be high on her favorite list. I mean who doesn’t love a good mud scene?

“She just wants her picture taken with her toy” ~ Mason

My Perspective

Mason starting training class with Freya has solidified some new identity for him. He’s very proud to be actively training Freya and he can vision future activities with her. Life is always better when you’re looking forward to something fun and positive. Living this childhood cancer life really puts limits on things, being able to see just beyond present day is inspirational. I love that Mason is building an inner drive with something he’s looking forward to and the bond training with your dog creates is priceless.


Field trip 

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