Brighter Days

As I promised Mason, this week would be better. He took his last dose of steroids on Monday afternoon, and although symptoms are still lingering we have light at the end of the tunnel. Just knowing we’re at the end of this cycle and one less we have on our schedule gives us relief. So far this week has been great as we prepare for puppy college to start.

Mason’s Perspective

Yesterday bad guys wearing masks and shooting air fire attacked our city. The fire isn’t like regular flames but more like hot air that will melt you. The only way you can beat the bad guys is to fight them with water. So that is why we had to set up the giant hose and soak everything in the city. Freya is a superhero and has a super power, her coat. She gets soaked with the hose and then goes to the spot that is melting, shakes and saves lives. She can spread so much water with one shake. She can even shake when I tell her to.

“She loves to get her face wet first” ~ Mason

“she is working with Baby Scarlett to stop the heat from melting us” ~ Mason


“Baby Scarlett waves her magic star and Freya is off to save our city” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is living her best life! She loves fighting crime the most when there is water involved. In fact, her weapon of choice is the water hose. It won’t be long and she’ll be turning it on herself.  She loves riding in the car and listening to music while we drive, although she mostly prefers rock music she enjoys it all. We have had a ridiculous amount of fire works so far, and she is not concerned. Her calm, cool behavior just stays with her. She starts puppy college tomorrow and she’s ready!

“She needs a drink here, because she was getting thirsty” ~ Mason

My Perspective

I’m always a little extra grateful when we have a good week. I always try to make average weeks, extraordinary in some way. This week Mason and Freya received a lovely gift in the mail from our sweet friend Pam and her GSD Balore. Mason was so excited he carried the note Pam sent in his pocket. Today we celebrate Independence Day and the meaning behind it. Tomorrow we start puppy college! Mason is so excited about starting puppy college with Coach Lynne he was in bed at 8:30 with his clothes for tomorrow already set out. Seeing the excitement of starting this class on his face and hearing it in his voice is soothing to my soul! He even made Freya a, “First day of puppy college sign”. The love is real here and we’re thriving in it!

Mason made Freya a “First day of puppy college” sign to document the fun day it will mark!