Treatment week

These are the hardest weeks. Treatment week is when we’re reminded that it’s out of our hands. I’m thankful we have the most amazing medical team from doctors to our nurses to everyone in between. They certainly help ease the pain of my never-ending wounds. On a great note, Mason wasn’t crippled with anxiety leading up to treatment this time. He is still sleeping ALL night and not in a constant state of worry. It does soften the blow some to see him just handling this like a true badass. Wearing his brave face, and asking for me to video various parts for him to show Freya later on.

Mason’s first nurse love, nurse “DD” gave him this plushy Bear Wolf today. He loved it!

Mason’s Perspective

Freya is in special operations training. She is learning to hand me things I drop in battle, and angry bark when I tell her to. She carries skeletons for me and drops them where I need her to. She also has her own weapon, which looks like a broom, but really it’s a monster sweeper. You have to look at it carefully, this way not just anyone can see it. When I take down the monsters in battle Freya sweeps them to our pile. We are a team, and she is my girl! You see she is always ready to monster hunt with me; she loves it as much as I do.


“She is going to sweep up the monsters I have slayed” ~ Mason


“she is resting but ready when I call her to start sweeping” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

We are now fitting in multiple short training sessions into our days mixed with lots of monster hunting and battling. Freya most enjoys hide and find and monster hunting. Her nose is one of her greatest tools and she loves using it. She’s such an intuitive puppy, which amazes me considering her age. Watching videos with Mason and listening to his plans for them is the highlight of her day. Her love for Mason is evident and beautiful.


“I love it when her tongue hangs out! It means she has had a great time” ~ Mason

My Perspective

I’m continually impressed with Freya. She thrives with routine and masters her skills when training quickly. She definitely aims to please. I was most taken back by her this week when I noticed how in tune she is with Mason and myself. When Mason came home from clinic Wednesday he was a bit stressed, that evening he just hugged Freya and she rested her head on him for what seemed like forever. She didn’t even blink just so still and embraced him! He kept telling her how much he loved her. As I have been struggling this week due to our schedule of treatment, Freya has been extremely close contact and cuddly to me as well. She just knows exactly what to do to comfort us, how she knows at this young age is beyond me!


“this is the softest part on her, I just love her” ~ Mason