Heat Waves

It’s a little on the warm side in Florida these days. Anything we do with the dogs is early in the morning or once the sun is heading down. Freya is taking the heat like a champ and jumps in the water any chance she can get. She even gets the hose for the kids and then happily holds the hose for them! Between the three of them, the immediate backyard will soon just be a mud pit. Since Freya loves the mud and water so much, we have taught her to wait and lift her paws to be wiped and then she immediately hops on her place so we can dry her off. I will say, she’s very cooperative 🙂

“Freya I don’t need help with the hose” ~ Scarlett

Mason’s Perspective

There was a zombie in the yard that almost got Scarlett. It was so terrifying! Sometimes the only way to get rid of a zombie is to bury them in the mud. So we had to make a muddy puddle, and then dig a deep hole. I couldn’t dig the hole by myself so Freya had to help me. She is the fastest and the best at digging holes. Once we had the hole dug, we had to drag the zombie and push him in it. It was very hard work! Scarlett was on our team and helped us. I don’t know why the zombie even comes in the yard, everyone knows I have Freya and together we fight!

“We have to dig the hole so fast Freya, I have my shovel too” ~ Mason


So obviously Freya is amazing but she is also mechanically smart. Mason had his hands full of freshly built lego robots and was trying to pull the chair out with his foot so he could sit down. He kept missing the bottom rail with his foot. After a couple of attempts, Freya takes her paws and pulls the chair out then sits down and looks at Mason. Mason of course was beyond excited that she just, “did this for him”. As I am watching this happen, I mean damn! She’s just gets it!

“She is so amazing she knows her place and stays there” ~ Mason

My Perspective

We have had Freya now 45 days. This morning was the first time in 2 years that I have had to cut Mason’s finger nails. The day after he was diagnosed he started nervously chewing his nails to the point of bleeding. I noticed that he hasn’t been chewing them as much but I didn’t realize he had totally stopped. Stopping to the point of nails actually growing. He’s happy and finding peace, and it makes me so happy and hopeful.

“We will travel the earth together!” ~ Mason

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