Hello Summer

Hot days and mosquito filled nights, that’s summer time in Florida! Mason and Scarlett are officially 4H’ers and I’m pretty excited. I grew up in 4H showing horses so I know what an amazing program it is. Of course Mason’s project will be on dogs, specifically his Bear Wolf. 

Mason’s Perspective

We have been hunting these ghost zombies for like 49 days! They are very dangerous and scary for Scarlett. I have to make sure they don’t come out and scare Scarlett because if they did that would be terrible. The only way to find them is for Freya to track them. She has real genetics for tracking; it makes her the best at it. She can follow them even though they are clear (invisible). She can tell when they are about to show up too. Her bark will change. Her nose, well she is just that amazing! We had a battle with one ghost and then hundreds arrived and I was captured. I was taken and tied up! I wasn’t scared because I had Freya there to save me. Freya barked and then mad barked until the ghosts just left. She has a scary bark sometimes that means business. Then Freya pulled the rope until I was set free. She was not going to leave me there.  She’s just my best friend and that is what best friends do. They rescue, like a super hero. Then we searched the yard for more ghosts, but they had all left. Next time we will catch one!

“See these are ghost swords and will slice a ghost” ~ Mason

“There is ghost over there” ~ Mason

“This is where the ghosts were catching me” ~ Mason 

“I didn’t even have to ask her, she just started to get me free” ~ Mason

“that’s my bay bay Freya, you are the best” ~ Mason

“See mommy I am fine, Freya is saving me” ~ Mason

“She is helping us dig this hole, just in case we need one” ~ Mason 

My perspective

This is Freya, digging holes, saving Mason and battling monsters. I’m not sure she can get any more amazing, but I have a feeling she will! She’s the most fun, fearless puppy and seeing her through Mason’s eyes is beyond a special treat. He notices everything on her especially her ever-changing coat and the subtle color changes.

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