Summer Days

Well it is full on summer time here with heat, rainy afternoons, mosquitoes and muddy feet. We have started our summer bucket list, and we’re steadily checking items off. Mason is much more adventurous and confident these days, which couldn’t make me happier! He now has a fearless outlook and he’s even started learning to ride his bike. He has had this bike for 2 years and had absolutely no interest in learning to ride it. Every time I mentioned it in the past he would tell me, “mommy it is to dangerous, you know I can’t do dangerous things”. We’re not full on riding it yet, but we will be soon!  He has asked to learn to swim; again up until present day he has had ZERO interest in swimming. So he and Scarlett are signed up for swim lessons. After all, he has to know how to swim so he can take Freya dock diving. It’s beautiful watching him be restored.

[wpvideo d1I0s3BE ]

In preparation for puppy college, we are practicing the basics regularly. Mason and Freya are on point and ready. He is officially counting down the days to class. Our little hairy Bear Wolf gets groomed a couple times a day. If there is a drop of water in the yard, she is in it. She has a serious love for water and even tries to put all paws into the water bowl. She is one fun puppy. Mason has clinic tomorrow to check his blood work. Hopefully we can return to a monthly clinic appointment instead of every 2 weeks. He hasn’t even asked twice about the appointment tomorrow. Freya has her “clinic” vet check on Friday.

“She just gets in here with me, I don’t even have to ask her to” ~ Mason

Mason’s perspective

We were handling the city because it was in danger. See I am like Thor, but I don’t have a hammer. I have a blaster gun and a Bear Wolf. I blasted Loki with my blaster and Freya carried my other one. Loki is so tricky to get. Every time I get close, he just disappears! That is what he does. We will be ready for him next time!

“We were loading blaster guns” ~ Mason

“Loki was right there under my feet! Then he disappeared” ~ Mason

“We will get Loki next time” ~ Mason