The Weekend is Made for FUN

Due to the less than lovely temperatures outside we all head outside first thing in the morning to exercise the dogs. Mason walking his Bear Wolf, practicing for college which starts soon. He is doing great, holding the leash correctly, keeping Freya engaged and having a blast along the way! Scarlett not to be left out walks Oakley, who is a very seasoned babysitter.

“Freya just loves doing chalk with us” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

Freya discovered a magical creature from another galaxy! They are only seen just before an epic battle!  You see, she only barks at creatures that are dangerous, oh and when she needs to go potty. We were able to take pictures of this, and escape! We had a terrible thunderstorm after seeing this creature 😉

“Freya knew there was danger! That is why she was barking at this creature. It means we have to go inside before the universe gets angry” ~ Mason

“Freya I just needed you so much. I just love you! My whole heart loves you!” ~ Mason


Freya is noticeably growing, seems like overnight! Her ears continue to dance all about but are starting to stand more and more. She’s lost that full on puppy look, and the beast within her is starting to shine through! She has, sitz and platz down like a champ, Mason is extremely proud of her. She is great at picking up routines. When we come inside from muddy water play, she immediately gets on her cot and waits to be wiped down. She knows place command and we are working on duration now.

“See how she moves her tail like that? That means she is about to use her wolf power and start running” ~ Mason

Freya watching the kids play

“See that black tip on her tail? It holds so much magic and grows as she grows!” ~ Mason

My Perspective

I continue to be amazed at her connection with Mason. She has a different connection with Scarlett, but it’s still very attentive behavior on Freya’s part. She knows exactly where the kids are at all times when they are outside. When they are at opposite ends of the yard playing, she will literally go from one to the other and investigate. Needless to say, she is living a very active happy life here with us. With her love of water, Mason has already told her they will compete in dock diving! He even played some dock diving videos for her to watch. Here’s to another great week ahead and tons more muddy laundry for me!

“Don’t worry Scarlett! Freya will destroy the jellyfish before it gets you!” ~ Mason