Happy February

Hello friends. We have had a lovely past couple of weeks of Mason feeling good, playing hard and being a kid. Mason has been working hard in his studies and equally as hard chasing zombies and monsters in the backyard. Childhood cancer handed me a new perspective on life 2.5 years ago so each day we are given, we make as fabulous as possible! We go for treatment tomorrow and although we are closer to the finish line with each passing month it’s still a difficult road.

“Ink Monster Feels” ~ created by Mason out of clay

“we did this puzzle as a family and it was actually hard” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

I have discovered a new villain and this guy is really tricky. He will come into our yard and move our toys around, lay down agility jumps and turn chairs over sideways. He must come into the yard when the dogs are asleep at night because I know Freya would catch him. His name is Game Master, and he eats other bad guys and then he has their powers added to his! We tracked him all the way to the beach the other day. Once we got there we had to hike down a long trail with lots of fallen trees and finally we ended up on the shore side. There was huge driftwood everywhere and we had to climb under and over the trees to try and catch him. This beach was actually haunted I think because there are no sea shells and everyone knows ghosts don’t like sea shells. We never did catch the Game Master, and it was pretty cold so we called it day. Until next time.

“Daddy took a lot of pictures” ~ Mason

“We were so close to catching Game Master but then he got away” ~ Mason

“We were so excited to make it to the beach” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya the freight train is now larger than Oakley (the black doberman). She no longer fits any of her collars and overall is truly a Bear Wolf.  She LOVES her kids and loves playing and watching them. If she could figure a way to climb the slide she would slide with them. She points to squirrels that are on the ground and Mason just finds this hilarious. She is a walking party and we love her.

Freya the Freight Train working on distance recalls

My Perspective

We have had an amazing past couple of weeks. We finally had Drew home for a whole week, which was fabulous! Let me just say, juggling a 3 year old, Mason’s treatment, 3 dogs and a traveling husband is a challenge, so when he’s home I cherish it! It is treatment time again and it never gets any easier. Never gets less painful and no matter how hard I try to mentally prepare myself for it, it hurts just the same. Mason hasn’t been anxious at all about tomorrow’s treatment until this evening. His Bear Wolf knew it too, she came and laid bedside for him to fall asleep peacefully and quickly. He loves to bury his fingers in her neck fur, he says it feels like heaven. That’s just Freya tho, she can be as intense as they come and then when she’s emotionally called on she just knows it. It will never get old watching Mason find comfort in his best friend. We start our round of steroids tomorrow as well treatment at clinic, pray for us. Until next time…

So clearly I’ve been “Sportwaffened” this pup is truly amazing! 

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