Winter is Here

So finally the cooler weather has arrived and we are enjoying it fully. Mason and Freya are waiting on snow to come to Florida; I think it’s going to be a long wait. We have been having a fabulous couple of weeks just doing ordinary things. School has been a lot of fun and most days we take our school lesson outside. I absolutely love that homeschool can be whatever we want it to be. No boring classrooms here. Mason has been feeling great post his January, treatment which is always a huge relief. Cancer treatments though effective come with a cost.

“We are learning about France in social studies” ~ Mason

“Scarlett was being a tourist” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

I have been doing really well. I didn’t feel so good after I went to clinic, but I am feeling much better now. Scarlett, Freya and I finally found the zombie we have been tracking for weeks now. Actually it’s not a full zombie, it’s a zombie grafted with an Alien. This is a very rare and dangerous creature. Some even call it a monster and tremble when they see it. We have to use Freya’s nose to track it and then generate a plan for how we can capture it and bury it in the zombie graveyard. The only way to get rid of zombies is to bury them in a graveyard that has a spell on it which keeps them in the ground forever. First things first, we have to dig the holes in the graveyard.

“This is the magical spot that will hold a zombie alien” ~ Mason

“When you get under the sand, you can feel the magic” ~ Mason

“We were waiting on Mommy here sometimes she is very slow” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is continuing to shape into a beautiful Bear Wolf. We’ve started her on target training and of course agility appropriate equipment. Mason wants to do agility with her so first the groundwork. She loves to work, she loves to please and best of all she doesn’t have a huge learning curve. It certainly is nice to have brains and beauty in one freight train package.

Don’t all Bear Wolf’s have a baby hippo toy for a friend? 

My Perspective

January is almost over and this is our year, we finish treatment later this year and it’s my glimmer of light at the end of the narrow long tunnel. Each treatment now is a real “check mark” off the big picture. Scarlett is approaching the same age that Mason was when he was diagnosed so my anxiety and PTSD never seem to leave me, but I’m hanging in there. Every time we have to go somewhere Mason immediately wants to bring Freya, her presence is life changing for him. I love that she continues to offer not only friendship in adventures but emotional support as well. Until next time…

“My black caterpillar metamorphosed into a beautiful Leopard Moth” Mason

Best part about going to clinic is the leaving part!