Happy New Year!

I am greeting 2019 with my arms wide open. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for the year 2019 since May 2016, and finally our year is here. Towards the end of 2019 Mason will complete his treatment for ALL. The fear of this journey hasn’t left me or lessened but more like grown roots and taken up a permanent residence. The ending of his treatment will be a HUGE milestone for us, but the worry will never leave me. I don’t know what life post treatment will look like. So the thought of ending therapy and ending the very drugs which have kept his cancer away leaves me struggling to breathe. So with ALL my mixed and confused emotions this year brings its here and we’re going to rock it. Good Vibes Only our way.

Mason’s Perspective

I had the best Christmas experience this year. I love seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations and the manger scene is my most favorite.  We have been making a lot of art with my imagination and drawing is my favorite thing to do indoors besides making Chemistry experiments with mommy. I haven’t had any zombie attacks this week. I think they just don’t come around Christmas time, but we are ready for them! Scarlett got a new get away car and it’s so fast so there’s no way any of the monsters we fight will ever catch us now.


“Scarlett drives a little wild like Daddy but her car is the fastest get away car ever” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya loves keeping her schedule no matter what day of the week; she’s up at 7am sharp.   She loves to scream curse words at the neighbor’s dog through the fence. She has a full blown adult dog guarding bark when she’s inside with the kids and goes on alert. Mason told me, her loud bark makes him feel safe. She is still spot on with her loving, cuddling ways when Mason needs her the most. Her intuition is like nothing we’ve seen before.

“I am teaching her all about lego people and how I build them” ~ Mason

My Perspective

It’s hard to believe it has been 242 days since our lives were shifted in a positive direction. 242 nights of sleep for our Mason, he no longer bites his nails because he is no longer in a constant state of stress! The instant connection and lifeline Freya was to Mason is incredible and gives me all the feels when I think about it. Just this week Mason was having bad tummy pains and laid on the floor, Freya came to investigate and laid with him. He later told me, “It makes my heart feel so happy when Freya checks on me.” I’m really looking forward to giving Freya more responsibility this year with her service dog work and I know Mason will continue to grow in confidence and pride the more she grows. We have treatment next week so keep us in your thoughts, even though our boy is handling it like the fierce warrior he is, it’s still really so hard. Until next time, cheers!

“She just makes me feel better and her fur is the softest most cozy to touch” ~ Mason

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