Merry Christmas!

We have had a busy and fulfilled past couple of weeks. Mason has been feeling really well, and we have not stopped…literally. We are basically all caught up in school, which is a relief for me. Mason is really starting to advance into reading more and his handwriting is changing with improvement almost daily. We have had a lot of fun preparing for Christmas. We have made salt dough ornaments, wise men out of craft sticks, decorating and re decorated the tree 😉 wrapped special presents and been on several drives at night to see all the lovely Christmas lights. Anytime we can just live, and not be focused on Leukemia…I’m pleased!

Is this even real life!! Look at these two incredible children! 

Mason’s Perspective

Actually I have been very busy. I have spoken to Santa a lot and he is really coming to our house before Christmas. I don’t want my dogs to bite Santa, so I will make sure they are put up when he comes. Freya is just a grown up now and she has a very loud bark to prove it. She has to sit in the backseat with me when we drive in the truck because she loves to be near me at all times. We recently discovered a new type of zombie that has invaded our property. You can tell where they are in the ground because gold mushrooms grow there. It’s very creepy I know! I am keeping a log and tracking these zombies because we don’t know what they look like just yet. Stay tuned.

“This is how you know that zombies have been here! These are dangerous and poisonous mushrooms” ~ Mason 


Freya’s Perspective

Freya Boom-bastic (as Mason calls her) is one dynamite gal! She is ready to accompany the kids outside all day everyday! Although her favorite hunt is a zombie hunt she also is a dedicated squirrel huntress. She still loves to work and she will offer behaviors if you’re not working her enough. This month she’s been on continued Service Dog training, and ridiculous amounts of play. I’m sure she is just as excited as Mason for the New Year and the start of Dock Diving.

“She is the authority, and everyone knows it” ~ Mason

She takes watching her kids a little on the serious side.

My Perspective

So far December has been a blast and I’m grateful! I am so happy to have Mason feeling like a new person this year versus last year. We have enjoyed so many of our holiday traditions and can’t wait to continue making more. Mason is a gingerbread making pro, meanwhile my girl Scarlett is the Vanellope Von Schweetz of gingerbread houses (if you haven’t seen Wreck it Ralph you totally should) We are excited for 2019. 2019 is the year Mason completes his treatment!! We still have a lot ahead of us, but the actual ending year is almost here.  2019 our Non-Profit is going live and we so excited about opportunity to help these kids. 2019 we have dock diving and agility lined up (happy momma time with her dogs). 2019 we will be having Drew home more and traveling less. So HELLO 2019, the Escobar’s are ready for you! On behalf of Drew and our pack we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Thank you for following our journey and we’ll see you in the New Year, cheers!


“I just love Santa. He is so much bigger than I remember and he smells like about a thousand cookies” ~ Mason

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