Another Cycle

Here we go again, it’s the time of month when we head to clinic for labs, check up and treatment. Followed up by the never lovely steroids. Mason has been having a good start to December. Lots of festive activities, lots of school as we play catch up and lots of zombie hunting. Mason and his daddy made a Christmas calendar so he could mark off the days till he gets to meet with Mr. Claus himself and he is quite excited! He hasn’t one time asked about clinic until today, which is always great to know that’s not weighing on his mind with worry. With his Bear Wolf earning her latest credentials we will own clinic this month because Mason will be pridefully showing everyone her ribbons.

Just some holiday baking 😉 

Mason’s Perspective

I have been working really hard in school. Learning to add and count to really high numbers is a lot of work. I want to learn to read so I can read, “The Wonky Donkey” myself. Ever since Freya passed her class she has been ever better at fighting zombies! The zombies have started coming in our yard when we are asleep. Actually I don’t care if they come when we are asleep because I have been setting traps. I set these traps to freeze the zombies in one spot until we can get outside and…. actually we slay them. It’s no big deal. I have to go to clinic this week, on Tuesday but we will still be ready to fight zombies all week long.

“this is my favorite book….right now” ~ Mason

“If you look between her ears, that’s where you will find the zombie we are going to fight. I use her ears like a guide” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya has now passed her CGC and CGCA at 8 months old, no big deal as Mason says. A pretty big deal to me, she absolutely is an all around dog. I can only compare Freya’s ability to switch gears to a beautiful flying lead change (I know my horse people will appreciate that HAHA). Freya loves to work, loves to play and loves to just be with us. She is growing into a perfect k9.

My Perspective

This time of year is especially hard for me. So much joy and beauty wrapped into the month of December but for us it’s also a reminder of our reality. It’s a reminder of all the kids who will spend the holidays in the hospital and not feeling well. Clinic visits are hard even at this point into our journey as are the treatments that come with these visits. Send me some extra prayers this week as we rough another week of steroids. On the upside of things, we have plans for adding dock diving and more service dog duties to Freya’s resume in 2019. Mason is very excited about both! We have a lot of exciting things rolling out with our charity and some other things I have planned hoping to announce soon. Until next time…

“I am just walking my dog while I take a break from riding my bike” ~ Mason


My Blake Shelton singing, zombie hunting, feisty feral and wild AF baby….

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