Sometimes I have to save Scarlett first and lead the way through danger. Quick!! Hold Freya mommy, she will keep you safe while I get us through this” ~Mason

Fighting Zombies and Living Through Our Imagination

Just another lovely day spent exploring outdoors. I’m really so thankful my kids love being outside, I’m not sure I could be my best self trapped indoors all day. The kids had a muddy great time outside today making sure the bear wolf shared their love of dirt. Turns out, she loves dirt just as much as they do. Shocking….I know 😉Freya is engaging with us beautifully. Sessions are short, exciting and fun with lots of play. She lets me know when she has to potty!! 9 weeks old, I’m impressed. She gets in her crate on command and lays down waiting for the door to be shut. Smart girl!!

“See she knows exactly how to target because I showed her yesterday” ~Mason

“I will be your friend forever Freya. I will always keep you with me…But I’m going to slide right now so you can stay with mommy” ~Mason 😂

Meal prepping 😉

We make our own training treats, Mason informed me Freya prefers deer, soooo we made some deer treats.

“She likes deer meat the best because she’s not a dog she’s a bear wolf” ~Mason