A rainy Monday lead to interesting house fun. Freya’s favorite toy is a fleece tug, she loves running after it and sliding across the tile floor, all dramatic. Like I said before, she fits right in with us 😂. Mason learned how to hold treats for delivery and how to play with his pup using a soft tug on this rainy Monday. He had a blast!

Grooming it happens

We then did some super fun nail filing using a Dremel. After all, being a pet owner of a bearwolf isn’t all fun and games. Freya was unsure at first but with Mason holding her she calmed right down and happily relaxed for her pedicure. He kept saying to her “be calm my little bear wolf, it isn’t going to hurt mommy is good at nails.” 😍😂

Mason is still sleeping at night and his bond with Freya grows stronger each day. My heart is full!