“We can rest here. Sometimes she just likes to sit in the grass because it makes her happy” ~Mason

Worked on new surface areas, engagement and her name. Freya is unique for sure which makes her even more custom made for Mason. She radiates confidence and loves hide n find. We explored a new section of our property on our morning walk, she walks along side as if she’s always owned the place.She let out a few barks when a large red tail hawk landed not to far away, which couldn’t have pleased Mason more…”oh that’s my girl I knew your bark would sound just like that” 😍😍 I mean you guys….just this pup blinking her eyes melts Mason and he probably has counted every hair on her body by this point. The love he’s getting from their relationship is damn beautiful to watch ❤

Mud Pies

She checked out the kids from the table top while they made mud pies, then she helped make some mud pies and even tried to carry the hose away while it was on. Clearly running water is no big deal to this pup….confidence!!

Freya ended her evening relaxing in her huge bed in the den. (another words she passed out from exhaustion 😂)

On to the weekend!! This is when we usually field trip to work the dogs somewhere new …. mason has made of list of every place he wants to take Freya tomorrow 😳sooooo we’ll narrow it down and pick one for her first outing.😍

#FreyavondenSportwaffen #MasonandFreya

Hide n Find. She’s a pro obviously 😉😍

Tabletops, pools, sandboxes, tunnels. Freya has no reservations about any of it. Exactly how I expected her to be. Confident!

Mud pies are serious business around here. Clearly she fits right in.

“See how she stands like that? With her tail down? She’s checking the wilderness to make sure it’s okay for me”~Mason

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