Serious Conversations

After getting another full nights rest, we were ready to have a lovely Wednesday. It’s the eve of Mason’s diagnosis and I’m not going to lie, today was hard for me. Mason spent some time explaining to Freya what Leukemia is and that he has it 😪

Although it was a peaceful conversation, it’s hard to hear! Then he told me, “Freya doesn’t care that I have to get treatment and that I have Leukemia. She still loves me”. I mean, he’s 5….this is hard y’all!

Outside we go, dogs and watermelon in tote! I worked my dobermans while the kids and Freya enjoyed water hose play and watermelon slices. I feel such a peace when I’m able to connect with my dogs and work them. It’s really no surprise that a dog is exactly what was able to pull Mason from his darkness.

We are continuing to play games with Freya and keep her busy. Lots of environmental socialization, and more play….because after all she’s a puppy and loves to play! She’s mastered the crate command, we can send her to the crate from any room in the house. She lets you know when she needs to go outside and we’ve started the basics sit and down but no verbal to it just yet.

“Did you hear her bark!! I just love it when she barks! It is music to my brain!” Mason

Freya’s point of view

If it moves, it’s hers! Water hoses are wicked fun and she can happily play with it and the kids for hours. She can be soaked by the cool hose but is dry by the time we get to the back door (it’s a Bear Wolf trait Mason tells me). She will check in with me and comes when we call her name. She has a dump truck obsession and will not only pull it around the yard, but she isn’t happy until it’s on its side…

“See when you’re a bear wolf you can take down anything! Even a big transformer dump truck like this.”~Mason

Basically Freya is turning into a walking party 😉……We LOVE it!

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