I’m Ashley Escobar, CCFT

Owner of Ashley’s Dog Sports

Agility Focused Dog Training + Canine Conditioning & Fitness.

From foundations & beyond we meet each dog & handler where they are. Focusing on games to build your relationship into a team.

whether you’re conditioning your sport athlete or keeping your companion fit, we can help with custom fitness plans created just for your dogs needs.



From Foundations and Beyond. Start growing as a team today!

Canine Conditioning

Dogs of all life stages need conditioning and fitness. Get started today with a custom fitness program!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock You & Your Dog’s Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW TEAM You’ll Become! 

Regardless if you want to compete or just  learn agility for fun, I have a program that meets the dog and handlers where they are.

Every dog needs conditioning & fitness regrdless if you’re dog is a progressional athlete or a family pet. There is a conditioning & fitness program just for you. 

Private Agility Coaching

Private Conditioning & Fitness Coaching

Conformation Handling

Workshops & Seminars

Board & Training Camps

Bring Ashley to You

Group Agility Classes

There are benefits to working in small group settings. In this setting you will receive a group discount as well as the benefit of watching others work.

Private Agility Coaching

You will work with me one on one. This coaching can be done at one of my two facilities or virtually. 

Conditioning & Fitness

You will receive a written PDF of your custom conditioning fitness schedule for the month. You will have 15 minutes of video feedback during this one month period and will have a private facebook group where you can ask unlimited questions during the 30 days.

Board & Train Camps

For those needing a jump start on their dogs training you may select to have a board and train camp experience. Camps are 1 to 4 weeks and you will choose from “get fit camps” “sport skills” or “life skills”

What is Canine Conditioning & who needs it?

Whether your dog is recovering from an injury or you are ready to take your sport performance to the next level, canine conditioning & fitness plays a major role in achieving this goal.

For performance dogs: Our individual conditioning plans will focus on your dogs challenge areas & specific needs. These plans have been proven to help with a multitude of common issues.

Who are the performance dogs? Dogs that compete in a sport such as Agility, Conformation, French Ring, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Fly Ball & Disc Dog, etc.

Non performance dogs: Our individual conditioning plans will focus on getting your dog in shape for optimal health and wellness.

Who are these dogs? Pets, retired sport dogs, Service dogs, Companion dogs, Puppies and Seniors.

Conformation Dogs

Improving your down and back or side gait. Free stacking

Agility Performance Dogs

Individual plans will address your dog’s specific needs. Some of the common issues we work with regularly are:

  1. knocked bars
    1. poor jump form
    2. early take off
    3. landing imbalances
  2. weave pole inconsistencies
    1. missing the entry on the 1st attempt
    2. popping out due to lack of rythm
  3. contact performance
    1. weight shifting
    2. striding inconsistencies
  4. collection
    1. tight turns
    2. backside inconsistencies
Non Performance Dog - Pet

Our individualized conditioning plans will focus on reaching optimal fitness and wellness. Each dog has different needs and we will meet your dog where they are and grow from there.

We will work with alongside your veternarian with weight management cases.


Puppies need fitness. We follow a balanced fitness program that incorporates lots of mental stimulation for growing puppies. We pay special attention our growing puppy’s bodies and make sure their plans are safe and appropriate for their age.

Senior Dog

Our goal with Senior dogs is to keep them mobile for as long as we can. This helps prevent obesity and gives them a better quality life. Each senior gets a complete canine fitness analysis and plan.

About Me

Ashley is the mother of two amazingly fierce children, Mason and Scarlett and wife to a supportive husband, Andrew. The whole family participates in dog sports.

It all started with a woman that traded in the reins of her horses for the leash of her dogs.

Ashley’s love for working with animals was developed early in her youth which was spent training and competing with horses and dogs and coaching her youth teams. Her love of learning sparked her passion for teaching others.  Ashley is a retired college professor of mathematics and has years of experience teaching others.

Although the animals of choice have gotten smaller, the love of working with animals remains strong. Ashley is an advocate for continued education whether it be for humans or animals. The desire to train dogs and educate handlers is something that she believes in. Developing drive, motivation and fine tuning the focus of a competition dog while having mutual fun is what it’s all about. Regardless if your end goal is competition or just to build a stronger bond with your dog, fun in training is the key to success.

In 2016 her son, Mason was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and her life was forever changed. While Mason has successfully completed his treatment therapy, some scars never heal. For Ashley it’s the worry of the unknown. With tragic life events comes perspective shifts, for her it was a wake up call.

An advocate of mutual fun when it comes to working with your dog. Ashley firmly believes that each dog is capable of excellence and no one set of training techniques fit every dog and handler combination. In the end, Ashley wants to promote people to do more with their dogs!  



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Online Coaching 


My Online Classroom will help you acheive your goals.

In addition to video tutorials I have, I offer:

  1. Training Session Analysis
  2. Small Sequence Exercises
  3. Foundation Skills
  4. Stopped & Running Contacts
  5. Handler Mechanics
  6. Help troubleshoot your specific issues 


Online Conditioning & Fitness

There are several packages to choose from. Each package will include:

  • initial zoom up to 1 hour to discuss goals, problems and identify current fitness level.
  • A customized workout plan as PDF.
  • Demonstration of each exercise.
  • Unlimited questions via email for 30 days.  

Board & Train Camp

I have a variety of training camps available. Ranging from 1 to 6 weeks.

Training experiences:

  • Jump Start Sports Training
  • Sport Specific Skills
  • Get Fit Experience
  • Life Skills

I do not work with behavioral aggression.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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