Canine Fitness

Online Workshop through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Is your dog is recovering from a sports related injury? Are you ready to take your agility performance to the next level? Canine fitness & conditioning plays a major role in your canine athlete’s overall health & wellness.

Our custom fitness plans are created for each dog specifically. Injury prevention is a direct effect of a routine balanced fitness program. Some of the common challenge areas below have used fitness plans to address:

Contacts: Running or Stopped

  • Proprioception 
    • Weight shifting capabilities 

Jumping Form

  • Knocked bars
    • Improper striding leading to take off and landing inconsistencies

Collection / Extension

  • Weave pole inconsistencies
    • Tight turn problems

Exercise is a fabulous way to help your dog live their best life. Perform at their best, and keep our senior dogs thriving. Canine fitness focuses on the following areas:

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Workshop topics:

  • Conformation Fitness
  • Elite Agility Athletes Fitness
  • Pet fitness
    • Puppy
    • Adult
    • Senior
  • Fitness to maximize speed
  • Conditioning for the obedience and rally canine

Custom Exercise Program

  • This is a private lesson not offered in group setting.
  • Virtual or in person at one of my facilities. 
  • A comprehensive evaluation includes:
    • A detailed physical fitness evaluation.
    • A detailed medical history review.
    • Identifying the current fitness level.
  • Discuss and establish fitness goals.
  • Prepare a custom fitness plan.
  • Hands on training of the fitness plan so the handler feels confident when they go home.
  • Evaluation every 30 days.
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Board and Fit

This is a FUN bootcamp for your canine. It is developed to specifically target your canine conditioning needs. Need your conformation show dog fit before hitting the circuit or want to get your family pet into shape, we have a plan for every need. Board and fit camps are on average 2 weeks long and include the following:
1. A take home written fitness plan.
2. Basic equipment needed to succeed in an at home fitness routine.
3. A private follow up session via in person or zoom.
4. Multiple video submission for review once home.

The blog behind the video is found here.

Demonstrating stand on stationary discs
Learning to kickback stand
Folding down to stand
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