I have had a lot of new subscribers lately so wanted to take a moment and provide some introductions. More to come later but for now, please meet Fallon.

About Fallon

Assistant Training Director of Ashley’s Dog Sports. Fallon grew up in a show dog home and therefore is no stranger to training and showing dogs as it is in her roots! She has been shadowing and working at Ashley’s Dog Sports for 2 years now. Fallon is a mother to 3 children and wife to Austin. Her passion is helping people find the fun in training and doing more things with their dogs. Fallon’s breed of choice is the Austrian Shepherd, she loves their versatile nature and happy attitude to do anything and all things with her. Fallon competes with her dogs in Rally, Conformation, Agility and borrows their help to herd stock on her farm regularly.

Do you want to try rally and learn something new and fun with your dog? If you answered yes, then read below.

What is Rally?

What to expect: this is an introductory level class.
Like all sports, it is all about developing a strong bond and building teamwork between the handler and dog.

You can expect your relationship with your dog to grow throughout this class, along with your skills. You will learn rally signs and the mechanics in which to properly perform the signs with precision. Those who are ready can video for the AKC virtual novice on the last night of class.

Enroll here!


Already have Rally skills?

Join us the 1st and 3rd Wednesday for rally run throughs. We will have a course built and ready for you to practice your skills. If you want to drop in, just let us know.


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