What a week! We have had one event after another and I welcome a little downtime. I’ve had a dental crisis, Oakley has had to have emergency surgery, Scarlett has had a mysterious rash and Mason’s started kindergarten. All in all things are ending well but my goodness this mama needs a break!

“I have to make this face because I’m excited and Freya’s tail was tickling my legs” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

We’ve been tracking dangerous squirrels. They’ve been moving into our yard all summer and now there’s an entire pack of them! They are not even real nature squirrels these are zombie squirrels. Very mean and very dangerous if they touch you, you’re a zombie. The only way to get rid of them is trap them, and then stomp on the trap making them disappear into the ground. You won’t know which is a zombie and which is a safe squirrel unless Freya tells you. She has a guard bark for the zombie ones. With Scarlett helping, we’ve been successful in trapping 49 squirrels. We will just have to work hard until we get them all.

Freya and Mason Day 100

“We caught some in the trap” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is all about a schedule and routine! She is an alarm clock and immediately when her crate is open she’s swiftly sitting at the front door because that’s which door we leave for our morning walk. She’s learning to open the freezer draw and trash cabinet when we ask her. She also takes obedience to another level. Telling her to crate up, she will jump the 38 inch indoor gate (if you’re not fast enough to open it for her) to go get in her crate. She loves her morning chats with Scarlett as she illegally couch sits with her while I make coffee. She loves playing with the kids and is guaranteed to make them laugh the whole time!

she’s telling Freya three little pigs story….Apparently Freya is the Big Bad Wolf 😉

My Perspective

This has been a hard week! My best girl Oakley had sudden onset pyrometra. She was rushed in for surgery, which was hard, the kids being upset along with me, hard. Leaving the vets and turning around seeing Mason’s face with tears pouring down as he says “I can’t even stop this water in my eyes! Turn around and go get her mommy we just can’t leave Oakley here she’s part of the pack and I don’t want her to die” hardest ever! Thankfully she was in great hands and after surgery and a couple days of intravenous fluids and antibiotics she’s home resting and recovering.

My sweet Oakley 

Mason officially started kindergarten! I can’t even begin to share all the feelings I have associated with this. There was a time not to long ago that I honestly didn’t know if my child would ever start kindergarten. So really huge that we’re here at this place in our lives and I’m so excited for his educational journey. Excitedly ready for all the adventures.

An exhausted Freya