New Sheriff in Town!


“this badge makes me legit!” ~ Mason (Thank you Desiree)

It’s been a great weekend with Mason feeling more and more like himself. Today marks 805 days since Mason’s diagnosis. Time is funny, one minute it seems like 805 days ago was so long ago, the next minute it doesn’t. Regardless we’re simply looking forward at all the fun adventures awaiting us.

Mason’s Perspective

Transformers and robotic aliens are coming to our city. They won’t actually land on the ground if they know a fighter is there. To be a good fighter you have to train all the time. Freya has been practicing her “stop them” bark. When a Bear Wolf gives their fight bark, it’s different than a regular bark and it makes bad guys stop! I’m teaching Scarlett how to drive gator so she can be our get away wheels. Freya still doesn’t ride in gator with us because she runs ahead to see if there is any danger.

“Training for a big fight” ~ Mason

“When you lay still and look at the stars, you will see aliens too” ~ Mason

Can’t resist the pool!

Freya’s Perspective

Freya and Laica are fast friends and love playing rough with one another. Oakley is essentially the warden of fun, and has yet to be won over. Freya loves her training sessions and is proving that she will happily work for some gappay ball play. She is wicked fast, and loves to run especially when the pool is out. When Mason and Scarlett get a little to far apart on walks, she quickly herds them back closer together (which is really handy for me).

“Her tooth looks like a bunny rabbit here” ~ Mason

“It’s just Bumblebee and Smashing Princess Scarlett” ~ Mason

My Perspective

Reaching day 805 in treatment is absolutely crazy. I can remember day 1 and all the beginnings of this. I reflect frequently on where we are, where we’ve been and I usually find myself regretting not getting a “Freya” sooner. She’s had such a positive impact on all of us, but I know deep down no other dog from any other litter would have delivered like this girl. She’s got the magic as Mason says. I’ve been preparing Mason’s curriculum for this upcoming school year. He’ll be a kindergartener, which is hard to believe! Obviously our school schedule will be packed with fun adventures and Mason will also start his dog project with our local 4H club. We’re all still getting sleep at night!

Enjoying her pedicure. Mostly she’s just happy to be in Drew’s lap 😉

Freya watching her kids….

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