Better Days

This too shall pass. And it did, steroids are detoxed and we’re on to better days. Mason has been feeling better each day this week and I’m grateful for that. I knew we were approaching better days when Mason woke up one morning and came running into the kitchen to tell me he found one of Freya’s teeth. Some people diligently search the beach for shark teeth; he has been searching our floors for a Bear Wolf tooth! He’s back to fighting fierce battles in the field with his Bear Wolf and in general feeling more like himself. We’ve had a packed week of swim lessons, dog training and long early morning walks.

Mason’s Perspective

This is insane we have an entire ship of ghost pirates! They’re very mean and only want to take you as a prisoner. They will keep humans to do their cleaning because even ghosts don’t like to clean. Their ship sounds like thunder and their swords hitting the ground like tree limbs snapping. Freya found me this magic ghost pirate sword; once I touch it the transformation happens. It becomes a ghost pirate slaying sword. I actually had to battle the captain ghost pirate. He jabbed me a couple of good times and it felt like being hit with lightning. Then, just like that it was over and they were gone. I’m not sure if I beat them or they left because my Bear Wolf was so terrifying. We’ll see if they come back.

“Freya I need a sword, find me one” ~ Mason

“This is what the transformation looks like” ~ Mason

“Battling the ghost pirate captain” ~ Mason

“You have never seen moves like this before” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya was made the Escobar House! She’s immune to noise and all the distractions from the kids make proofing behaviors a breeze! She melts into a puppy puddle when Mason cuddles her in fact she really loves cuddles. She has officially nailed “place” command and can be sent to her place inside and out. She loves her morning hikes and soon she will catch the squirrel that darts out in front her shaking its tail!

Eyes on her kids at all times!

My Perspective

When your child starts feeling better, a weight is lifted and things can be seen clearly again. We’ve had a good week and will continue to look for the positives. I’m grateful for this Bear Wolf and the comfort and confidence she gives Mason. I’m proud of Mason for coming through the other side of bad days a little stronger each time. Mason made huge strides in swim this week, each time he was feeling fear overwhelm him he would say, “video this for Freya mommy so I can show her I was brave”. Melts my heart!

“She’s holding the cannon ball while I dig the hole, then we will burry it” ~ Mason