Have you ever been stranded in a storm and all you can do is ride it out? That’s pretty much where we have been this weekend. Mason’s treatment on Thursday involved anesthesia, and then he starts steroids twice a day for five days. You never know what you’re going to get with a young child on steroids, but mixed with anesthesia it’s always intensified to some degree. He is still sleeping at night, and that’s a huge improvement and relief. However, this weekend has been an emotional rough ride for the Escobar household. Monday is his last dose of steroids and I can’t WAIT.

“Baby Scarlett, Daddy and Oakley. They had to stay back while we cleared the danger” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

Aliens have attacked us. Not the good kind either. These are the kind of aliens that will burn you and the ground if you let them stay here to long. I have had to call the transformers, my autobots so they can help us battle. Freya can combine “Ratchet” and when aliens are zapped she puts their bodies into Ratchet. Basically Ratchet is a good guy and he cleans up aliens on the go. We even had to battle aliens today on our hike. Freya was watching my back the entire walk. She is just good like that and I made it out safely. Next time, we will take pictures of the aliens before we zap them.

“If she runs with her mouth open it means she’s about to attack!” ~ Mason

“See she ripped an aliens arm off to save me! She is my girl” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is continuing to love her training sessions and she now responds to, “Are you ready to work?” She gets all excited, spins and gives a little a bark. We love her enthusiasm and eagerness to please and learn. She loves working for Mason as he is very generous in treat sizes 😉  She had a blast on her hike today, first time on this trail. She loves that Mason has two speeds, fast and faster. She was very excited to have Oakley along for this hike. Oakley continues to give her the cold shoulder, but Freya knows it’s only a matter a time before the tail-less aloof doberman becomes a Bear Wolf fan.

[wpvideo wF80i49m ]

My Perspective

Steroid week is exceptionally hard. It’s so hard to see your child struggle. On the bright side, he is still sleeping at night; he is still going outside and having adventures with Freya. He was most excited about our family hike today. It was hot, but he had a big smile on his face when we stopped and he would look down at Freya. Just holding her leash eases him and gives him an outlet to be fearless and a kid. She just takes him to another place and I’m so grateful he has this escape! It’s all uphill from here! Tomorrow is the last day for steroids, and puppy college starts this week. Cheers to a great week ahead!

Look at that smile folks, and that beastly Bear Wolf!! 

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