Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mothers!! My day started off drinking delicious coffee and a hairy beast in mylap 😂💕💕

The weekend was busy, non stop and fun! Adding Mason’s pup into our dog pack is just a perfect addition! Freya is fierce, fun and full of energy just like the rest of the crew. From my perspective, what’s one more 🤷‍♀️😂.

Car Ride Time

We go LOTS of places with our dogs so car riding in a calm state is a requirement. Therefore we start our pups early with frequent rides in the stylish crates 😉. Mason was concerned Freya would be sad in her crate, but she showed him what a boss she is and just napped the whole ride. Once we arrived, lots of play and exploring which rendered one tired pup and kids.

We took Freya to the back of the property and let her see the horses. She was interested in the horses for about 5 seconds then back to her cool self. Mason told me and I quote “Freya sees the horses as prey because, hello mommy she’s a bear wolf and they eat horses. Sometimes. But don’t worry she’s not going to eat these horses.” 👌👌 Glad to know this little beast won’t eat the horses.

Mason is still sleeping at night ALL night! The magic of Freya ❤💕❤


Watching the kids fly kites. She’s not sure which is more interesting the kids running or the kites flying.

“I’m exploring with her because she’s my best friend”~ Mason


Discussing which way togo next.

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