This week was a busy one. Mason had his clinic appointment to check his labs, which looked amazing! Our visit was not nearly as stressful as they have been in the past. He was a little bummed out his regular nurse wasn’t there but we knew ahead of time so he was prepared. He doesn’t like surprises of change, can’t say that I blame him. He has a mainline “port” which usually makes routine blood draws easier. However, his nurse wasn’t able to get blood return at first. So what is usually a 5 minute blood draw turned into 15 minutes of flushes and holding his arms over his head and laying down on his side. I was able to see just how much my son has grown in this experience. The entire time, he never stopped telling his nurse about Freya, not even paying attention to what was happening or the fact that it took longer.

Freya had her 13 week vet check up. Weighing in at 32 pounds, she nailed her well check visit. As usual, she was not bothered by being in the vets office. She’s just calm, cool and collected exactly what you expect in a Bear Wolf. Mason was extremely proud of his Bear Wolf and that everyone loved her.

“See how she is smiling at me, it makes me feel happy” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

We witnessed the power of a tarantula wasp earlier this week. Now they are invading our property to help remove the spiders. The tarantula wasp is an autobot, the spiders are decepticons.  We are building a magic tube which will let autobot tarantula wasps enter the yard and kill the decepticons spiders. The spiders are sent here by another force, which is a bad one. Freya tells me where to plant the tube and she is helping me with this job. Once we have it in place, no more spiders will be in the back yard.

“She has to hold the tube until I’m ready for her to let go” ~ Mason

The loving way this pup looks at Mason is just adorable! 

“We will take down the decepticons!” ~ Mason

We are still working on puppy obedience in preparation for puppy college. Freya continues to be impressively intelligent. She loves retrieving anything we toss for her and we just love her!

This is how you will find Freya outside, next to Mason at all times! 

Until next time! 

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