Month 1

We’re one month into the magic of the Bear Wolf. The adventures are just beginning! Mason is still feeling butterflies in his stomach when he sees Freya first thing in the mornings. He may wake up grumpy, but one look or lick from that Bear Wolf and all is right. He is still sleeping at night, all night long. 🙌

“See how she has lighter hair around her eyes? That is her crime fighting mask. She always gets the bad guys!” ~ Mason

Mason has a whole new way about him. He’s confident and really finding himself. Before, he was not comfortable to even walk in the backyard alone or down the hallway and now he’s taking Freya out to potty and completely not afraid to walk through the house by himself in the dark. This may sound silly, but it’s a huge deal. My child is no longer worried and fearful of everything.

“See how she just stays right here with me and Scarlett…She is just one of us” ~ Mason

Super Hero Who

In efforts to save a fairy, Mason and Scarlett had to battle a troll. Their weapons were water balloons, because trolls hate water. Mason said, Freya was a little confused which team she was on as she kept biting the balloons as soon as they were filled with water. It was hilarious to watch. In the end, everything and everyone got soaked. The troll retreated to the barn. The yard was monster free yet again!

“Freya you are on team Mason, you’re on my team okay my Bear Wolf. Don’t bite the balloon” ~ Mason

Freya is learning to hop into the dog pool before coming inside. I’m kind of loving this Bear Wolf that gets wet, shakes one time, and is dry! We groomed Freya today with her special furminator. Mason contemplated on saving ALL of her shed fur, because you know, “it’s just so adorable” and “we can stuff a pillow with it”! 😳😂

“She holds her ears different when we are battling” ~ Mason

“Take a picture of us racing” ~ Mason