Weekend Ready

What a weekend! For those who don’t know much about leukemia treatment, I’ll enlighten you. Mason is in the last phase of treatment which last 3 years. It includes daily chemo at home, monthly intravenous chemo, spinal taps here and there, and steroids for 5 days each month. Well, that’s right where we are currently. Steroids 😫. Mason is really having a rough time this go.

The Positive

As awful as the steroids can leave him feeling, he’s still playing happily with his Bear Wolf. Even if it’s only 15 minutes here and there, it’s an adventure outside. It’s emotionally healing for him and really it’s keeping him from slipping into darkness. It’s just another way this pup is pulling him right along through the thick of it!

Mason & Freya’s Perspective

It started out as a simple potty break but quickly turned into a massive attack from zombie pets, “grasshoppers”! Mason told me, “sometimes zombies don’t come themselves they send their pets. Spiders or grasshoppers!” Let me just say, I was extremely happy it wasn’t spiders. 😳 Thanks to Freya, Mason was feeling up for the battle. They made their rounds in the yard slaying all of the grasshoppers and loading them into the dump truck. Freya being the Bear Wolf, just knows exactly what to do!

“See she is just guarding what we caught so far, I asked her to.” ~ Mason

“She spotted more zombie pets, I have to go help her now!”~ Mason

“I used touch command to put her there, she is holding our line strong” ~ Mason

We finished up the weekend with thunderstorms. With all the rain, I decided to make a run to Home Depot. Oakley has a trial coming up and needs polishing, Freya needs environmental work. Freya did great, walked the whole store. Practiced her touch command a lot which she nailed! This was her first time in the store, she was curious about everything but not concerned by anything. 👌

“Sometimes I just need to give her lovies, it’s my favorite thing to do at night.” ~ Mason

It warms my heart that Freya watches Mason and Scarlett so intensely….