Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Wednesday was Mason’s monthly scheduled treatment. Usually this means, starting on Sunday he’s not sleeping and very anxious, thankfully not this time. He confirmed his appointment with the wall calendar and that was it! We had a nice clinic appointment, Mason actually walked in holding my hand versus me carrying him. Yes, for the past 2 years I have carried him from the vehicle into clinic and then across from clinic to the hospital to receive his treatment and then back to the vehicle. He has been physically able to walk, but prior to Freya he has been fear ridden and needed me to carry him. So carry him is what I did! But not this time, he happily walked! He also told everyone about his Bear Wolf and we showed pictures.  He wasn’t even overly concerned when his nurse accessed his port, instead he asked her for gum first! It’s really heart warming to see my kid feeling confident and comfortable with himself in this scary situation.

Time for Fun

On our way home, we stopped and visited our friends at Woof Gang Bakery. There Mason was surprised with a lovely new toy for Freya, which made him feel so special. Thank you again Woof Gang Bakery! We also grabbed a few new pig ears and bully sticks because you know, a Bear Wolf likes variety.

“Can you believe it Freya is famous! They even knew her at our store!!”~Mason

That evening Mason informed me there were ghosts in the house. So like any good hunter he and his Bear Wolf went on a hunt. With nothing but a Nerf gun, wearing a Kylo Ren mask, and his Bear Wolf by his side they were off! They checked every room in the house and even looked outside. Thankfully, Mason and his Bear Wolf saved us. The ghost was a dangerous green sticky one but has been captured at this point!

“Okay mommy and Scarlett, don’t worry we will get the ghost” ~ Mason

Before the rain, we played in water (because it’s Freya’s favorite), worked the Dobermans and started Freya on leash pressure with a collar. We groomed everyone and that included nail trimming with the dremel which our Bear Wolf is handling like a champ. Mason is still sleeping through the night, which means we are all well rested. We are hoping for better weather this weekend as we have some field trips planned.

[wpvideo oliSs9hf ]

“Freya you know, you’re just my girl I love you”~ Mason

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