Happy Birthday Mason

This week has been a great one. My amazing husband planned a day away for just he and I and it was spectacular. Thankfully my lovely mom is credentialed to watch our pack diligently so I didn’t have to worry.  We toured a local farm, Congaree and Penn where we learned all about Mayhaw fruit, rice paddy fields and olive trees. I had no idea such a lovely farm even existed just outside my hometown. After our tour we had a private lunch from a fabulous chef and then purchased some delicious jelly and hard cider made right on the farm. If you’re ever in town I highly suggest checking this place out, they’re even Fido friendly. It is certainly a hidden treasure in North East Florida and we can’t wait to go back and take the kids.

Love this man right here

Farm tour….it was cold AF (for Florida) 

“This is my favorite jelly” ~ Mason

Mason’s Perspective

It has been cold outside lately so the zombies haven’t been moving. Since Freya is a Bear Wolf, she LOVES this cold so much she doesn’t even need a jacket like the dobermans. We have been working hard in our “training station” to prepare for battles. I have been doing lots of conditioning training and position trainings with Freya. She’s to tall to go between my legs now, but she can circle me and then sit next to me before we start battling.  It has been a fun week with a lot of school, my handwriting is getting really grown up and I even lost my first tooth. Actually I pulled it out myself. We have some science projects coming up and a lot of Christmas decorating to do. We went to pick out a Christmas tree and even Freya helped pick out the perfect tree.

Checking the star worthiness of the tree

“I actually just need her with me” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is truly loving the cooler weather Florida has graced us with lately. She is taking her advanced CGC test next week we are very proud of our girl. She loves to practice positions with Mason and hopefully one day I can manage to video the cuteness of this and share it. She accompanied Mason on Christmas Tree shopping last evening and did fantastic. There were even other dogs present and our focused girl just didn’t even acknowledge them. She was just there for our boy Mason.

My Perspective

Celebrating Mason’s birthday is such a joyous feeling. There were times I wasn’t sure we would see the big 6, childhood cancer robs you of so much and so many little things most naturally take for granted. We have come so far since May 2016 but still have so far to go.  We cherish everyday, but we throw glitter and dog hair magic on birthdays in this house 😉 Mason has requested his favorite lemon vanilla cake and a picnic to celebrate his day. We have a lot of activities planned for Mason and Freya coming this Spring. I love that our Bear Wolf is measuring up to my expectations and more each day. Until next time…

“right where she’s meant to be…..by my side” ~ Mason

Homemade birthday cake for breakfast!